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Steam + Legend of the Brofist = 80% off

Summer is coming fast and we felt like offering you a dilemma: will you go play outside OR get our action packed, world renowned platformer, PewDiePie’s Legend of the Brofist, for a whopping 80% off? Available on 8th to 10th of June and from the 21st of June to the 5th of July…
You can also go for the obvious best: do both!

HAPPY (second Tuber Simulator) HALLOWEEN !

Already a second chance to get the ghouls and dancing zombies out!
And this time, we added a haunted-flavored Pixeling and a - wait for it, I have shivers just thinking about it - a second pack of exclusive items with a Halloween theme. The best way to add flavor to the favorite holiday of all that is gooey and nasty... and of those who like sweets and costumes.
We can not wait to contemplate your horrifying creations!


Happy 1st Birthday PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator!
It's the anniversary of the game, but it's also, and perhaps most importantly, a party of all the people who play this game. Besides, we have mostly thought of you for this event, after all, we would not speak as warmly of this event if it were not for you, our loved players :)
It is in this spirit that we are very happy to invite you to visit the game during this anniversary period: we have a special surprise for you.
And since no one likes people who stretch their birthday, this won't last very long!
Thank you all from Outerminds and PewDiePie.
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