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Game Update Sylvain

Yesterday we implemented a number of things, one of which is aquariums for when you buy or upgrade your little tadpole friends. Here is a full list of yesterday's updates.

- Aquariums
- Character selection screen bubbles (visual polish)
- Cool Tornado effect for one of the powerups 
- Fully fonctional store for buying new characters and upgrades
- In-game obstacle placement polish
- Difficulty curve polish
- Replaced the exploding flies powerup with a beetle powerup (game balancing)

Stay tuned for more updates very soon!

Our First Game: Tadpole Tap

Announcement Sylvain

We are very proud to announce our first game for mobile, called: TADPOLE TAP!
For this first mobile project, we want to appeal to casual players as well as the hardcore crowd. We are also aiming for simple and intuitive controls. We are a very small but dedicated team and we hope you like our upcoming games. We will work hard to make them as deep, cool and engaging as we can, as well as bringing back the awesome retro look that a lot of us know and love!
We hope to release Tadpole Tap soon in 2014!
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