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Steam + Legend of the Brofist = 80% off

Summer is coming fast and we felt like offering you a dilemma: will you go play outside OR get our action packed, world renowned platformer, PewDiePie’s Legend of the Brofist, for a whopping 80% off? Available on 8th to 10th of June and from the 21st of June to the 5th of July…
You can also go for the obvious best: do both!

Brofist is in this Steam bundle!

What a new killer bundle from Steam! It was foretold by Nostradamus in this verse…

‘Coming from the East of the Westworld, a 2d reality, loaded with action and on which you can play at two players simultaneously shall be included among 9 other fantastic art pieces, around the time the trees were getting their green back.’

Follow the wise man’s advice and get it now!


The Fantasy Pack is back!

HUZZAH! We can now go back to the years of yonder and manifest powerful magic in your own cozy crib. Yes, all the items that made this Event a must last year are back, but they are not alone! Because we managed to pop into existence another pack of items... you'll want to get at least one of each to call yourself a master of the arcane!
#tubersimualtor PewDiePie

Wonders of the World

You are making rooms the way you want! So why not include some huge monument to humanity's genius in your living room? It's in that spirit that we are proud to provide you with this new pack of exclusive items.
What about you? What is your favorite human (or alien?!) made monument?
#tubersimualtor PewDiePie

Under the Sea

Sometimes it's cold and dark, sometimes it's lively and colorful. The sea has many things to teach and is still hiding lots and lots from us. You do know that we know more about most planets and satellites in the solar system than we know about the depths of Earth's oceans! Well, for now, there's this new pack of exclusive items to help you wrap your mind around that.
Under the Sea...that does bring a song to mind!
#tubersimualtor PewDiePie
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