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PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator - Pirates vs Ninja Update!

Everyone has their opinion about this almost millennial fight. Pirates against ninjas ?! Outerminds decided to get involved in the debate by offering you a new Pirates vs Ninja Celebration !
- 2 new item packs, plus extra items
- 2 new music tracks
Pixel Dust mechanic
- Recycle your unwanted items into Pixel Dust
- New Pixel Cube items purchasable with Pixel Dust
Other Features:
- Level cap increased to 65
- Re-balanced grand quests and grand quest rewards
- New and re-balanced knowledge tree upgrades
- New network levels added
- New filters in inventory and shop
- Can now select which room is publicly visible
- Can now place many of the same item without returning to inventory screen
- Other minor bug fixes

PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator - Valentine's Day Update!

Valentine's Day:
- New item pack
- New Valentine trend
- Valentine theme objects + customizations
- New visuals for Puggle + Sponsor Eagle
- Valentine themed events
- New music
Bug fixes + improvements:
- Some Quest rebalancing for higher level Tubers
- Fixed "Out of Stock" falsely appearing on some items
- Display network member activity and total contributions
- Added dates to network activity logs
- Updated Tuber rankings
- Added checkmark to already purchased items in shop
- Added animations to Network Perks screen
- Added search bar for network join requests
- Network admins now see more activity logs
- Other minor bug fixes


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all you TUBERS out there ! The new update is out and there's tons of goodies inside! @pewdiepie #tubersimulator

Holiday Update:
- New Holiday Items
- New Holiday Item Pack
- Holiday Puggle Skin
- Festive Sponsor Eagle
- Awards for subs milestones
- Awards for ranking in the Event Leaderboard
- Show which room has been published (if any) in room selection
- Participation in event voting now awards views
- Shows rank position in events
- Can now navigate rooms in Event Leaderboard, and when visiting friends
- Now displays player avatars all over the place
- New perks in Knowledge Tree
- Minor bug fixes
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