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FAQ – PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Support questions

Q: I made an in-app purchase and didn’t receive my BUX. What do I do?

A: Write to, include the receipt(s) of your purchase(s) and your in-game name in the message.

Q: I experienced a problem with the Offerwall, what should I do?

A: Follow these steps:
1- Quit to the Title Screen through the Option Wheel Menu
2- Wait 10 minutes and log back into your game while making sure you are connected to the Internet through a strong and stable connection.
3- If you do not receive the promised BUX, navigate into the Offerwall menu, at the bottom, there is a ‘Missing BUX’ button, press it.
4- Find the offer that is causing issues and press the “Missing BUX” link in the Status column.
5- Press the “Submit a Support Ticket” button in the bottom right corner.

Q: How can I recover my account?

A: Here’s the procedure to recover an account saved to Google Play, Facebook or Game Center. Since July 2016, Game Center is now mandatory for every iOS devices.
Note that the game is made to be played on one account per device and that you can only recover your game if it was properly linked online to a Google Play, Facebook or Game Center account. If no account was linked, there is no account to recover.
Before starting the recovery process, we advise that you close all your other apps. Also, make sure your device is linked to your Google Play, Facebook or Game Center account and that you have a strong and stable Internet connection.
First, to recover a game saved online, install the game by downloading it from an official distributor. Then, follow this procedure:
1- Press the green RECOVER button on the title screen.
2- Choose the service you want to recover from. Google Play, Game Center or Facebook.

Q: The game freezes after viewing an ad, what do I do?

A: Reboot your device and load the game again. Make sure you are connected to the Internet through a strong and stable connection.

Q: The game freezes when I finish a Puggle™ game, what do I do?

A: Reboot your device and load the game again. Make sure you are connected to the Internet through a strong and stable connection.

Q: How do I update my game?

A: Updates are available on the Google Play Store, the App Store and the Amazon App Store.
If you have activated automatic updates on your device, the game updates automatically when you have a proper Internet connection, but you can make sure you’re running the latest version by going back to the place where you first got the game. Also, verify that you have enough space on your device for the update.

Q: How come I can’t download Tuber Simulator?

A: Here are the minimum requirements:
1- Apple: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
2- Android: 4.0.3 and up.

Q: I’ve given my Network Admin Rights to a player I do not know, how can I get it back?

A: We have no means of helping you with this problem. Networks are managed privately.

Q: How can I save my game online?

A: The game offers you at the very start the opportunity to link your game to Google Play or Game Center. If you refused then, you can, at any time, link it to a valid Google Play, Game Center or Facebook account by following this path:

1- Log onto the service you want to save your game to before starting this process.
2- Option wheel – Option tab – Transfer button – (the service you want your game to be saved on).

If you link your game to the wrong Facebook account, just log into the correct one, then start the process again. Also, note that you can save your game both to Google Play or Game Center and to your Facebook account. To save your game on Google Play or Game Center, choose ‘yes’ when the game asks you if you want to leave all the access to Game Center or Google Play at the very start, right after you install it. If you didn’t say yes then, you can follow the same path written above for Facebook and choose the proper cloud saving option; Game Center for Apple devices and Google Play for Android.

Q: How can I transfer my game from a device to another?

A: You will need both of the devices in front of you, both with the game installed and running.
1- Go in the options menu on both devices.
2- Click on the OPTIONS button on both devices.
3- Click on TRANSFER on the device you want to move your account from.
4- Select the type of device you want to transfer to.
If you choose ‘Other device’ a code will be generated. You will need to enter it on your NEW DEVICE within the next 2 minutes or the whole process will have to be restarted from the beginning.
5- Click RECOVER on your NEW DEVICE; the one you want to transfer your game to.
7- Quickly enter the code.

Q: How do I change my in-game name in Tuber Simulator?

A: As of now, that is not possible.

Q: I want to have free BUX, can you give me some?

A: We all want free BUX, that is what gives them value, hence, we do not give BUX away.

Game mechanic questions

Q: What are the Subs useful for?

A: To unlock new upgrades in the Knowledge Tree and to get you to the top of the Leaderboard.

Q: Do theme specific items in your room increase your views of videos being published?

A: No, they don’t.

Q: How does streaming work?

A: When you minimize or close the game for one minute, it begins. Streaming doesn’t start if you are publishing videos and will only start once your last video is published.

Q: How do I level up my Tuber?

A: Buy items with views. The more views an item costs, the more XP it’ll give.

Q: How do I get brains?

A: You get brains every time you level up your Tuber or a trend category. You also gain a few brains whenever you complete one of the Grand Quests.

Q: How often do trending categories change?

A: Every day.

Q: How do events work?

A: Events are divided in 3 rounds and are accessible when you are playing online and from the ‘social’ tab, the one with the blue and pink ‘characters’ at the bottom of the screen.
1- Publish: You pay 5 BUX and enter a room in the event. Make sure you follow the theme of the event. When this step is done, you can update the room entered at any time, and for free, by re-entering a room in the event.
2- Vote: During this round, nobody can modify a room entered in the competition. The voting round will slowly remove from the randomly shown rooms the rooms that get ‘passed’ instead of ‘liked’. As this is totally random, you may get to vote for your own room or see the same room more than once. Note that when the voting starts, no more notice shows in your room selection screen which of your room is entered in the voting round. You can now change that room to gear it up for the next event.
3- Ranking: If you finished among the 500 best liked rooms, you will receive a notification. Then, within 24 hours, you will receive the gifts and trophy associated with the rank you got. Congratulations! If you are not within the 500 best liked room, nothing happens.

Q: Does my room in an event change if I change the room after submitting it?

A: No, the room will stay the same until you re-enter the modified room or another room.

Q: Why can’t I crush certain items?

A: You’re not allowed to crush special celebration items since you can’t re-purchase them once the event is over.

Q: How can I remove a daily quest I don’t want to complete?

A: In the quest screen, you can see daily quests have a red ‘X’ in the top right corner. Tap that red mark and face a new challenge!

Q: What is Snappy mode?

A: It’s when you hold your device sideways while being on the game screen. Snappy, a pink octopus-like critter, appears on the right. Click Snappy to take a screenshot of your room.

Q: What are invisible cubes and how do I get them?

A: They are bought using the Pixel Dust you get when crushing items. You can then use them to make thing seem like they float! Invisible cubes will appear completely invisible to anybody visiting your room or whenever you turn your device in Snappy mode.

Q: Can there be more than one Network administrator?

A: No. If a Network administrator passes the administrator powers, he loses them.

Q: I’m the biggest fan of PewDiePie, is there a way I can talk to him?

A: The best way to contact PewDiePie is on social medias. I wish you the best of luck on being noticed!

Q: Do you have a new game coming soon?

A: For now, Tuber Simulator really keeps us busy.

Q: When is the next update due?

A: There’s always a new update coming soon. All update info will be available on our official Twitter page.

Q: Will there be other updates for PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist and Tadpole Tap?

A: We are currently not planning on updating these games, but nothing is set in stone.