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Job offers

Level Designer

Working closely with the Game Designer and the creative management team, the Level Designer implements the interactive elements of a game and defines the architecture and level maps. They musts make sure that all levels of the game work properly with the gameplay as designed by the Game Designer. One year contract.

Main responsibilities:

  • Design level maps of the game in Unity;
  • Define the placement of interactive objects, enemies and scripted events;
  • Use tools to build cutscenes, quests and dialogues;
  • Prototype quests to demonstrate their logic and impact;
  • Collaborate regularly with the all the teams on the production;
  • Test and troubleshoot areas that are not working in the level maps, and proactively fix them;
  • Prepare level design documents as needed.


  • A critical and analytic mind;
  • Deep knowledge of video-game mechanics;
  • Solution oriented;
  • Excellent communication skills and a team player.


  • Graduate degree in video games or related field;
  • Minimum 2 years experience in a similar position;
  • Experience working on at least one other game, from the production phase to launch;
  • Be a gamer.