Pixelings – Update 1.3.0

PewDiePie’s Pixelings’s update 1.3.0 is now live! PvP Seasons, Guild Duels, New Pixelings, Team Loadouts,  are here and with them, big and better rewards!

New Pixelings! – YES!!! 

New Pixelings have appeared and it’s on you to earn them in the arena! 

  • Sven (rare) 
  • Oumi (rare) 
  • Swordy (rare) 
  • Hank (rare) 
  • Anana (mythic) 


Team Loadouts – Get stacked! 

If you saw the UI teasers in PewDiePie’s latest bonus clip, you’ll have noticed that a set of tabs were added to the main menu! These are none other than Team Loadouts, a convenient add-on for anyone & everyone. This way you can easily swap between your Guild Duel Pixeling team, your Ranked team, your Mission team… or you can use it to color-code your teams and satisfy your OCD! Oh, loadouts include spells, of course. 


Guild Duels – Time to tip the scales! 

Guild, duels, are, amazing. Why? Because you get to battle against your fellow Guild members using a max level team of Pixelings! These duels take your currently selected team and spells and scale everything to level 50. So, go nuts! You won’t be getting rewards from this game mode, but if you ever have a heated score to settle or you’re simply looking to get a new team tested out then this is the absolute best way to try! 


Monthly PvP Seasons, Tiers, and Quests – Get rich sort of quick! 

Season rewards 

Each PvP Season will last one month. So, there’s plenty of time for you to get these new rewards:  

The end of Season Tier Rewards look a little like this:   

  • Tier 1: 50 Bux, 5000 coins, 20 commons, 60 energy  
  • Tier 2: 60 Bux, 6000 coins, 10 uncommon, 65 energy  
  • Tier 3: 70 Bux, 8000 coins, 3 rares, 70 energy  
  • Tier 4: 80 Bux, 10000 coins, 5 rares, 75 energy  
  • Tier 5: 90 Bux, 12500 coins, 5 rares, 1 mythic, 80 energy  
  • Tier 6: 100 Bux, 12500 coins, 6 rares, 2 mythic, 80 energy  
  • Tier 7: 150 Bux, 15000 coins, 8 rares, 3 mythic, 90 energy  
  • Tier 8: 200 Bux, 20000 coins, 10 rares, 4 mythic, 100 energy  
  • Tier 9: 300 Bux, 30000 coins, 12 rares, 6 mythic, 150 energy  


  • Youll receive the correct egg rarity even if you do not meet the level requirements! (Bonus: This now also applies to Guild Chests.)   
  • Season reward eggs are NOT affected by featured Pixeling x10 multipliers.  

Season Quests 

Of course, the tier rewards won’t be the only rewards you’ll receive from Seasons; you’ll also earn your fair share of rewards by completing Season Quests! The idea is that rewards will become increasingly challenging throughout the Season. So, you’ll really need to pull all the stops and play loads of Arena matches to get the best rewards 

Here are few Season Quest examples 

  • Defeat 50 pixelings = Earn 50 Story energy + 2500 Player XP  
  • Win 15 PVP matches = Earn 25 Bux + 2500 Player XP  
  • Complete 25 PVP matches = Earn 150 fame points + 2500 Player XP  

Tier Rebalancing 

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve added 3 new Tiers to the Arena. This allowed us to play around with the rewards you’ll receive and provide those of you who play hard in the woods with a more meaningful, long-term experience.  

Of course, the introduction of new tiers required that we make some balancing changes to the tier system. Normal victories award you with 21 Fame Points (was 15) while challenging matches award you with 42 Fame Points (was 30). This should make the climb up to the top a lot quicker and doable 

bit of rebalance was also done to the Pixel Coins, Player experience, Pixeling experience rewards per tierStarting at Tier 2, you can expect to earn 105 Player experience (was 95) all the way up to 500 Player experience at Tier 9.


Battle Improvements – Mana Time! 

We’ve fixed several issues related to mana regeneration. This is something we’ve all been waiting for, especially in Ranked PvP. Here are the changes you can expect: 

  • Mana points now generate properly during other actions, allowing you to place spells without delay 
  • Mana stops regenerating while “Waiting for other player” 
  • Fixed action bar clunkyness 
  • Fixed the delay when sending emotes 


Matchmaking Fix – Fight on! 

Many of you pointed out that high-level players would include low-level Pixelings in their loadouts. This would give such players a significant advantage while keeping a “low” team power. We’ve altered the matchmaking behavior and re-balanced team-power calculations to curb this exploit. Attempting to use a lowlevel Pixelings will no longer allow you to match up against players with team powers that are significantly below yours. If you try this tactic, you’ll be put up against players with your team’s average. There is some math magic behind all of this, but the general idea is to promote using a strong overall team. 


Balance Changes – Hammer Time! 

Pixeling shop change: 

  • Pixelings cost less per extra copy, was +100%, now +50%

Spell scaling change:  

  • Now according to team power and not player level

Pixeling scaling change:  

  • Pixelings start stronger but reach the same max. This should help to find Arena matches.

Chest balancing changes: 

  • Small Chest: Common Egg drop 3 copies instead of 2 
  • Medium Chest: Common Egg drop 6 copies instead of 4 
  • Large Chest: Common Egg drop 12 copies instead of 8 
  • Giant Chest: Common Egg drop 24 copies instead of 16 
  • Large Chest have increased odds to drop Rare Eggs

Featured Pixeling balancing changes: 

  • Now 10X increased drop rate instead of 8x

Spell balancing changes: 

  • Drain: Mana cost decrease: 5>4 
  • Mass energize: Mana cost decrease: 6>5 
  • Mass Drain: Mana cost decrease: 7>6

Pixeling balancing changes: 

  • Roxy: Attack reduced by 9% 
  • Naza: Health reduced by 10% 
  • Falcon: Attack reduced by 3% 
  • Guppy: Health reduced by 10% 
  • Iggy: Strengthen Self charge ability now needs 2 charges to give 25% attack boost instead of 4 charges to give 50% attack boost. 
  • Molly: Heal Self charge ability improved by 17% (see lower for health boost) 
  • Maya: Heal Random charge ability improved by 9% (see lower for health boost) 
  • Comet: Attack improved by 7% (see lower for health boost) 
  • Marzia: Attack and Heavy Attack improved by 3% (see lower for health boost) 
  • Gusto: Attack improved by 7% 
  • Lulu: Health improved by 5% 
  • Felix: Attack improved by 11% & Health improved by 19%

Melee health boost – Melee Pixelings were generally a little underwhelming, so we improved (almost)all Melee Pixelings health-to-attack ratio) 

  • Gato: Health improved by 9% 
  • Barry: Health improved by 8% 
  • Molly: Health improved by 4% 
  • Ekino: Health improved by 12% 
  • Maya: Health improved by 11% 
  • Bob: Health improved by 8% 
  • BERG: Health improved by 21% 
  • Sally: Health improved by 13% 
  • Kama: Health improved by 14% 
  • Shannon: Health improved by 16% 
  • Sponsy: Health improved by 13% 
  • Cober: Health improved by 14% 
  • Marzia: Health improved by 13% 
  • Agava: Health improved by 19%


 …But wait, there’s more! 

  • Oumi preseason reward – Unlock a free copy of Oumi if you participated in the preseason! 
  • New Hints in matchmaking screen 
  • Guild chest contribution list – Can now see players that didnt contribute. 
  • Challenge match fix – challenging match will only appear when its actually challenging. 
  • New daily quests! 


Download and play Pixelings today for freeeee! 

App store: https://apps.apple.com/app/pewdiepies-pixelings/id1477876003 

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.outerminds.pixelings&hl=en_CA 


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