Pixelings Mini Boss Update 1.10.0

PewDiePie’s Pixelings’s update 1.10 is now live! Valentine Login Event, new Pixeling (Tedd), free Tedd skin, New passive effects, Spell changes, Pixelings balance changes!


Be Bob’s Valentine!

Bob’s got a love letter with your name on it, log-in this Valentine’s to earn the fresh new Pixeling Ted and his caring bear skin.
To die for new limited-time skins for the beaming Bill, berry Citry, charmer Falcon and bouquet Cerus!


Boss Pixelings Now Available

The moment you hardcore gamers have been looking forward to is finally here! Barrel King, Dogy, Glitchy, Crushie are now available from the story mode.
To earn them, you must complete every World on Hard AND have collected every star possible. Best of luck!


New Passive Effects!

Some Pixelings have resolved themselves to becoming the best of the best at what they do in 2021. Enjoy several new passive effects this update and shake up the meta!

  • Parry: Reduce Melee damage received by 33%
  • Moderator: Reduce Troll damage received by 33%
  • Tough as nails: 33% chance to get a Bubble shield when receiving damage
  • Spell resistant: 50% chance to ignore enemy spells when targeted
  • Tank buster: Deal 33% more damage when attacking a Tank
  • Assassin killer: Deal 33% more damage when attacking an Assassin
  • Toxic skin: 33% chance to inflict the poison status to attacker when receiving damage

Note: Existing Pixelings may have been changed to now utilize one of these passive effects, be sure to check our balancing notes to see who got what!


Level Cap Increased and More!

  • Player Levels have been increased up to lv 55! This means all your Pixelings can now level up to 55 as well.
  • 5 new Trials floors have been added for you to tackle with your beefed up level 55 Pixelings.
  • A Lifetime Achievements tag containing 156 new quests has been added to your Quest Logs! You will now be able to strive towards new heights or reap juicy loot if you’ve already reached certain goals.
  • Arena Backgrounds will now be randomized when in matches.


Guild Chest Improvements

  • Pixel Coin rewards from Guild Chests have been replaced with more Pixelings and the chance of earning Mythic eggs
  • Past contributions are now visible to everyone in a given Guild.


Balanced, for real this time!

It’s been a while since the last round of Pixelings balance changes, so have a ton of them on us!

  • Ozzy now has Assassin killer instead of Poison burst
  • Pix now has Poison burst instead of shrouded
  • Cober now has Tank buster instead of shield breaker
  • FloorGang now has Parry instead of Sabotage immunity
  • Marzia now has Tank buster instead of Shrouded
  • Anana now has Moderator instead of Shrouded
  • Naza now has Spell resistant instead of Spell immune
  • Dean now has Tough as nails instead of Shrouded
  • Sven now has Spell resistant instead of Spell immune
  • UllaBritta now has Beserk instead of bloodlust
  • Citry healing improved by 15%
  • Pix health improved by 12%
  • WaterSheep health improved by 9%
  • Ozzy health improved by 7%
  • Tuski healing improved by 7%
  • Jennifer Health improved by 3%
  • Oumi attack reduced by 10%
  • Maya healing reduced by 5%
  • Baxter Health reduced by 5%
  • Stephano damage reduced by 5%
  • Roxy health reduced by 3%
  • BigBrain health reduced by 3%
  • Naza attack reduced by 3%
  • Slippy health reduced by 3%

Spell Balancing too!

  • All scaling spells got a 14% damage/heal reduction at max team values 
  • Bounce Shock damage reduced by 6% 
  • Cosmic shower damage reduced by 15% 
  • Crescent damage improved to 37% of max health instead of 34% 
  • Cure healing improved by 10% 
  • Mass strengthen mana cost reduced to 5 instead of 6 


Download and play Pixelings today for freeeee! 

App store: https://apps.apple.com/app/pewdiepies-pixelings/id1477876003 

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.outerminds.pixelings&hl=en_CA 


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