Pixelings Fantasylings Update 1.15

PewDiePie’s Pixelings’s update 1.15 is now live! Fantasylings Login Event, free Baxter skin, and copy & Dogy’s been reworked! :O


Mama Mia, Bro!

Congrats! Princess Baxter was chilling in this castle, who would have thought? Log in from August 1st to August 14th to earn a free copy of Baxter along with this fabulous skin! Additionally! Arch-wizard Anana, Sage WaterSheep, and Feral Kama are available for this limited time period! Lastly, a new magical habitat will be available during this time.

New Arenas & Tiers!

Two new Arena Tiers, 12 and 13, will take you to the Emeralds of Eternity and the Hall of Champions. Both have been finely tuned for your convenient bloodshed. You all asked for it, Fame Point cap was increased to 10,000 big ones!

Balanced! …Right?

This update’s got spell adjustments, Comet love and a slight nerf to Glitchy’s Health Bar! We even fit in a Doggy rework!

  • Cure spell healing improved by 10%
  • Mass Drain spell Mana cost reduced to 5 (from 6)
  • Lightning spell damage reduced by 4%
  • Thunderstrike spell damage reduced by 4%
  • Doggy rework – Charge Ability changed to Drain 2, Attack improved by 4% and Health improved by 5%
  • Comet Attack improved by 5% and Healing improved by 8%
  • Lola Healing improved by 9%
  • Tuski Healing improved by 8%
  • Anana Healing improved 8%
  • Crushie Attack and heavy attack improved by 5%
  • WaterSheep Health improved by 4%
  • Kama Health improved by 4%
  • Glitchy Health reduced by 5%



Download and play Pixelings today for freeeee! 

App store: https://apps.apple.com/app/pewdiepies-pixelings/id1477876003 

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.outerminds.pixelings&hl=en_CA 


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