PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator SciFi Update

🎩 PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator SciFi Update with new Steampunk items!

Update your game now.

Like clockwork, it’s time for another PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator update. This time around, turn your room into a masterpiece of cogs and brass with the new set of Steampunk items! 

New Mechanical Items to Collect:

  • Steampunk Machine: How it works is a mystery, but it sure looks cool. 😎
  • Plague Doctor: Better stay away from that syringe!
  • Rocket Dog: Nothing I write here can do Rocket Dog justice, you’ll have to login to see for yourself.
  • Wall Pipes: May occasionally hiss out some steam!
  • Steampunk Window: Gaze upon a mesmerizing metropolis of cogs, gears and soaring airships!

New Masks to Jazz up the Drip:

  • Glass Cranium: Reveal the secrets of your mind!
  • Steampunk Toaster: Toast not included.

New Sticker to Stick Everywhere:

  • Gear Hear: Let the world know you’re part of the clockwork revolution!

New VFX & Mood to Vibe In:

  • Cyber Ninja Mood: Electrifying pulses of purple & green!
  • Hexagon Barrier VFX: A mesmerizing glow of hexagons to shield you from meanies!

🌟 Upgrade your room, collect exclusive items, and embrace the SciFi with your Tuber community. Don’t miss out on the Tuber Simulator SciFi Event with new Steampunk items 🎩


That’s a Wrap!

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Happy Building! 😊

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