PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Pirates VS Ninjas Update

⚔️PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Pirates VS Ninjas Update!

Update your game now.

Arrrr you ready, matey? Prisoners, Accordion Playing Tubers, Stone Shrines, Skilled Warriors, and Flooves! Let the timeless clash between Pirates and Ninjas begin!

New Items to Conquer Land & Sea:

  • Suspended Cage: Careful, troublemakers!
  • Shrine Lantern: Tōrōs for everyone 🔥
  • Pirate Musician: The life of the party 🎶
  • Hidden Ninja Floor: Let’s get stealthy 🤫
  • Ninja Dog: What a feisty doggo 🦴

New Jaw-Dropping Masks:

  • Shark Head: Is it Shark Week yet? 🌊
  • Dragon: Don’t set your room on fire! 🐉

New Sticker for Your Scrolls:

  • Yin Yang: Find your balance!

🤗 Transform yer quarters into a plunderer’s paradise with these swashbucklin’ treasures, and remember to share your covert creations with your fellow shadow warriors! Don’t miss out on the Tuber Simulator Pirates VS Ninjas update!

Which side will you pick?

Be sure to share the rooms you’ll design using these new items with us! Join our various communities, such as the fan-created Discord server and Subreddit to stay connected with fellow players and fans.

Happy Building! 😊

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