Tadpole Tap is a pixel art mobile Retro Runner aimed at casual gamers who like a Challenge. Reach the skies while eating flies with your tongue! With piranhas on your tail, you must hurry and avoid dangerous obstacles! Acquire power ups and embellish your aquarium with
new tadpoles.

  • UNLOCK YOUR TADPOLES: There are multiple tadpoles to unlock, each with a unique ability that will help you through the dangers along the way.
  • UPGRADE YOUR TADPOLES: Each tadpole’s unique ability can be upgraded to get better scores.
  • GET BETTER POWER-UPS: All power-ups can be upgraded to make them last longer. If they last long enough, you can sometimes have multiple power-ups at once! Some combinations are very good!
  • DON’T FORGET TO EAT FLIES: Eating flies is somehow very satisfying, plus this is what allows you to buy upgrades!
  • CLIMB FURTHER EVERY TIME: Beat your high score and battle your friends. Compare your performance on the leaderboard.
  • GET THE PUZZLE PIECES: Each Tadpole has a unique puzzle to unlock!
  • UNLOCK THE SKINS: Collect vials to unlock them all! There is 3 skins per tadpole.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Let’s see if you can clear them all!
Available Here

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