In 2015, the movie TURBO KID became an instant cult hit and since then, fans have been aching for a video game. Well, the wait is (almost) over!

This is the future, the world as we know it is gone. You are The Kid, a lone warrior on a journey to cross the Wasteland in search of hope. What you will find on your way however is a land riddled with scoundrels and creeps which you’ll have to go through – sometimes quite literally –  in order to survive.

This retro-style metroidvania has many surprises for you!

  • BRAND NEW STORY set between the end of Turbo Kid
    and the upcoming Turbo Kid sequel developed in collaboration with RKSS
    and EMA Films, the creators of the franchise.
  • OVER THE TOP GORE, rendered in glorious pixel-art and painstakingly precise ragdoll physics.
  • BIKE THROUGH LEVELS in the first metroidvania to include access to the height of human-powered transport technology: the All-Terrain Bike!
  • COLLECT TURBO SKILLS! In the style of classic metroidvanias, discover new power-ups and weapons to make your journey smoother
  • PLAY AS THE KID OR AS APPLE, the fan favorite character from the film
  • SPEED-RUNNABLE DESIGN for hardcore gamers, made possible by a fluid and non-invasive narrative design.
  • NON-LINEAR NARRATIVE allows you to complete the game in whichever order you see fit and make decisions that will change the outcome of the game.
  • KICKASS NEW SOUNDTRACK BY LE MATOS, electronic band extraordinaire and creators of the film’s soundtrack.
  • IN GAME COMIC BOOK, collect all the pages to recreate a brand new story drawn by JEIK DION
  • IN GAME CASSETTE PLAYER, collect all the tracks and decide which song to listen to while playing.
  • MULTIPLE MINI GAMES to test your skills and gain bonuses.


And much more!

Available Here

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