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We are an independent video game development company located in Montreal Canada, founded in 2014 by Sylvain Savard, Nicolas Brunet-Messier, Alexandre Caron and Guiz de Pessemier. We built a great expertise in making games in collaboration with big influencers like Felix Kjlellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie and we are currently developing on both mobile and consoles.

What is Outerminds ?

Action Games

PewDiePie’s -Tadpole Tap
H3 Ball Rider


Collaborations with
YouTube stars

Tuber Simulator

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Tuber Simulator


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Tuber Simulator Valentines Update

Tuber Simulator Valentines Update

 Hey you! Wanna see what's in our box of chocolates? A new update with some new items maybe? Update your game now.  

Tuber Simulator Scifi Update

Tuber Simulator Scifi Update

 What if we snapped everyone who didn't play Tuber Sim out of existence? Nah, we would never... unless?!😳 Get the update now or else: Update your game now.  

Tuber Simulator Mini City Update

Tuber Simulator Mini City Update

 Let's rebuild Tuber Sim's Mini City update together! New items and a fun little stream await! Update your game now.